David Fry

Brightly coloured 3D montages of Portscatho and harbourside scenes in general. Boats, cliffs, cottages and the  harbour in card/plywood  mounted in box frames.

Livvy Wiegand

Our youngest exhibitor. Livvy is autistic and produces wonderfully bright and lively pictures in a naïve style. Bird and animal designs that bring a smile to all who see them. Produced as cards and prints.  Exclusive to us. Very popular.


Chris Prindl

Stoneware and porcelain. The classic clean lines & simple style of these pots, bowls, plates and thumb cups show the Japanese influence in Chris’ training. Subtle turquoise /smokey grey on blue /black colourways.

Laetitia Miles

White earthenware, jugs, bowls & mugs. With loose stripes, swathes of soft greens / browns or fresh white with blue  flowers  Oven & dishwasher proof.

Jane Adams

Jane produces fun & quirky animal sculptures, hand built pieces in stoneware. Sheep wrapped in blankets, cows with choughs or seagulls perched on their backs. Cats, dogs and hares  of all shapes and contortions. Individual and eye-catching.

Nicki Martin

Jugs, bowls and mugs in lively loose green and blue stripes and washed  blue “tide line” pots.

Paula Gray

Hand thrown porcelain with a contemporary coastal feel. Matt glaze and nautical  stripes in sand blue and turquoise.


Lucy Kemp

Intricately detailed engraved silver jewellery, wiith hand worked chains, clasps, shapes and beads. Delicate and richly textured, Lucy’s work is very popular.

Sue Gregor

Acrylic cuffs, earrings and charm bracelets within which are captured highly detailed images of plants and textiles. Vibrant bold pieces using what Sue calls her own ‘fossilised’ plastic technique.

Sarah Drew

Sarah cleverly combines a variety of materials to produce very individual pieces of jewellery. From shells to beach plastic, pearls to richly embroidered pieces of brocade linked with hand made silver links and clasps

Lawrence Gibson

Pendants, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks made in pewter and decorated with resin. Strong and bold designs at affordable prices.

Penny Price

Stunning designer  jewellery using a variety of metals and stones with silver. Very collectible. Emily Green Bold necklaces and bracelets using semi precious stones with silver.

Carla Jennings

Stylish and intricate silver jewellery, using loose fluid forms, encasing semi precious stones. Liz Willis Highly original silver  embroidered with silk threads and beads.

Monique J Jones

Fine and delicate engraved and textured silver  and semi precious stone jewellery.

Ailsa Poll

Organic and simple silver forms, incorporating seaglass within pendants, rings and bracelets.


The gallery also includes a wide range of other crafts – slate, glass and photography and a wide range of cards. The most popular are:

Jason Webb – Driftwood

Jason uses driftwood, bleached wood, slate and rope to produce a never ending and always innovative range of items from mirrors to sconces, lamp bases and clocks. He only just manages to keep up with demand!

Roy Morcom – Marquetry

Roy produces boxes and other items that are decorated with maritime themes and are exclusive to Spindrift. Great for the man in your life

Peter Owen

Oil paintings of local Roseland views

Peter Skinner

Mixed media and wax abstract landscapes

Stewart Middlemas

Oil paintings and prints of Cornish harbours

Debs Martin

Cut paper pictures with a maritime theme

Jennifer Lilley

Watercolour paintings

Turner and Spink

Formica and silver jewellery. Beautiful and versatile

Sue Ayres

Fused glass panels with bird/ animal and seaside themes

Claire Harris

Fused glass waves and beach scene hangers and pictures

Amy cooper

Porcelain lamps and tea lights in sea urchin forms and cylinders

Chris Reeson

Wood engraving. Waters edge, cliffs and trees being favourite images